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English Labradors vs. American Labradors

Many people ask what is the difference between English Labradors and American Labradors. Both have great traits and it really boils down to what is best for you or your family. American Labs can be great pets and very plentiful to find. While more difficult to find, a true English Labrador is one of the most gorgeous dogs in the world and their temperaments can’t be beat. To know if you are truly looking at an English Labrador check the pedigree! Don’t just go by looks or what the breeder tells you!

Rusty and Lolo Puppy

What is the best thing about Labradors?

They are trusting, faithful and kind asking for nothing in return but to be your friend....forever. 

We believe in raising our labradors with a holistic approach

We believe strongly in a holistic approach with caring for our dogs.  We feed whole foods, organic supplements, raw food, and do not over vaccinate. We want our dogs to live long, healthy lives and we pass on our philosophy to our new puppy owners.

Our labrador retrievers receive apple cider vinegar every day and all of our dogs take Longevity Dog from The Ninth Life. We have witnessed impressive results with these supplements and we can't recommend them enough. 

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