Simmerdown's Ely Ruth of Sugar Pine

Ely Ruth - English Labrador

Simmerdown's Daisy of Sugar Pine

Sugar Pine's Murphy

Retired girls

Sugar Pine's Lolo

Lolo loves to fetch and swim. She swims everyday - rain, snow, hot or cold!

Lolo is the sweetest kindest girl. She is loyal and stays by your side at all times.

Simerdown's Josephinite of Sugar Pine

Josie is enjoying swimming and hiking and at 12 years old she barely has any grey! She is a healthy girl!

Josie and Lolo at the lake

Loved and Missed

Sugar Pine's Zipper

Sugar Pine's Bullet

Bullet was a beautiful, kind, selfless girl. We miss her dearly.

Sugar Pine's Sad Eye's Sadie

Sadie was from our beautiful Sugar and she was a love from the second she was born. Our little butterball.

Sadie at the lake with our dachshund.